IT Services

Ever have a great idea and get super excited by it then be bummed out because you don’t know where to start? That feeling is upsetting and it is ok to ask for help especially in a world filled with so many technology options.

We are available to help make recommendations based on your organization’s need. The main goal is to ensure that your organization continues to operate without any downtime*.

*Just like everything else, technology can cause new issues to arise that may have not be accounted for. 

Tech Setup

Not everyone is tech savvy to know what to do with setting up new tech. We can help make that easier and pain free. There are a number of setups we can do, such as:

  • Computer setup
  • Video Conferencing setup
  • WiFi/Network setup

One of our clients needed to get setup for a hybrid video conferencing setup and had a tight budget to work with. We were able to help get them up and running quickly. 

Cloud Services

Did you know that most 501c3s qualify for FREE services from Microsoft and Google? We can help your organization get the most out of Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. 

Here are just a few things you can do with either Microsoft and Google:

  • Save and store your organization’s files
  • Create and share documents
  • Make and receive phone calls
  • Data collection through online forms
  • Host online virtual meetings
  • And much more!

Ensuring your organization is able to be productive and efficient, it is crucial to have a solution to meets your needs.

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